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Roofing Management

While most people associate a roof with something homeowners put on their house, a roofing manager's primary responsibility is to find and market new roofing installation services to homeowners themselves. The manager may also have on their list of responsibilities customer service, installation and inspections, marketing, developing worker standards and conducting training sessions for them.


Marketing for new and existing customers in an area including the internet, word of mouth and regional networking
Consulting and supervising all corporate employees to be sure they follow company guidelines when interfacing with customers or work-related administrative duties
Training team on company policies to keep all members in compliance with regulatory compliance standards like OSHA, EPA or state board agency regulations
Keep abreast of any changes in the infrastructural codes or standards governing the business so your crew can be prepared for the inspection process
Conduct monthly site inspections with crew to be sure they are on task, meet performance benchmarks
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