Recycle Old Roofs

Once your old roofs get damaged, and you want to replace them. Here, the main question arises what to do with the old roofs. Some people throw them in the garbage, which is a terrible idea. Now almost all roof materials can be recycled.

Recycling old roofs is a safe and easy task. If you think you can’t recycle them at your home, you can sell them to different recycling companies. Recycling old roofs saves money as well as makes the environment clean.

Here, we will discuss some common roofing materials and how these materials can be recycled.

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1.    Recycling Metal Roofs:

The metal roofs are 100% recyclable which means you can save the environment and money. So if you have metal roofs lying in your backyard, then waste them in this better way and get some money. Recyclable metal roofs are used in other things such as cans, appliances, etc.

Metal roofs are the easiest to recycle because they are mostly made using other recycled materials. In addition, the recycling of metal roofing has been done for years, an excellent source of saving the environment by giving the waste material.

The metal roofs you are using in your homes are mostly made with already 10% recycled metal; that’s why it is easy to recycle the metal roof. These are usually aluminum roofs. Generally, metals are considered the most durable and long-lasting materials to be used compared to other roofing types.

2.    Recycling Tile Roofs:

Different types of roofs are used in the making of a home. That’s why every roof type has a different method of recycling and then using. It is the same case with tile roofs because it has many types, and every type has diverse recycling ability. Usually used types of tile roofs include clay, synthetic, and clay. However, all of them can recycle.

In these types, clay tile roofs are straightforward to recycle compared to others because they are made with natural materials. The clay tiles are made with clay and water, recycled 100%. People think that roof recycling is not safe, but it is not valid. Almost every type of roof is biodegradable when their life ends.

The tile roofs are recycled and used to make baseball fields because they can easily crash down. So if you are thinking about wasting your tile roof in the garbage, think for once and sell them to the recycling companies and get some money without any effort.

3.    PVC recycling:

PVC is a material which is used in roof building nowadays. This material is not from an ancient background, and that’s why its recycling has been started in recent times. In the recycling process of PVC, it is first shipped to the recycling companies and then placed into new vinyl products.

The recycling of PVC is considered very important because it cannot break down easily in other cases. Without recycling, it will remain in the garbage for a long time and will not become a waste on itself. After recycling, new material is then used by deck and fencing companies.

When you remove your PVC roofs from your home, and you think about throwing them in the garbage, it means they will remain for thousands of years. That’s why recycling PVC is necessary, so sell it to recycling companies and become a source of purifying the environment from garbage that remains for a long time then we can think.

4.    Asphalt Shingle Roof recycling:

This type of roof is mainly used because of its easy installation and affordable price. This type of roofing has been done for decades, making it a good option for most people. Back in time, it was thought that this type of roof could not be recycled, and you had to waste them after the end of their life span.

The reason is that asphalt shingles are made with oil-based materials such as petroleum, and that’s why they cannot be appropriately decayed. However, recently, it has been discovered that asphalt shingle roofing can be recycled and used for various purposes such as road pavements, covers for ground, and new asphalt shingles for homes.


When you think about throwing your home’s roof once their expiry date comes, most people want to throw them in the garbage, and some of them think about the recycling option. 

However, recycling roofs are entirely safe, which is the best option to choose. Through this method, you can save money and some parts of the earth from non-decay able waste.

So always think about recycling roofs rather than throwing them.

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