Roofs can take a beating from the elements. The damage will not always be obvious so most homeowners are unaware of the situation. This allows the problem to worsen for years until it becomes difficult to ignore. Leaks, holes, and other headaches will make the house unlivable in the long run. At this point, expensive repairs will be necessary to return to normal. It would be better to keep an eye on the roof and act quickly at the first sign of trouble.

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Below are some of the common roof problems to watch out for:


Shingles look good upon initial installation but they slowly unravel over time. It is best to check their state after an extreme weather event such as a strong storm. The wind may have blown off some of these leaving parts of the roof unprotected from sun and rain. This gives an opportunity for water and pests to come in. Have these fixed immediately to prevent the problem from getting worse.



Trees provide welcome shade from the sun during summer but they can be a source of stress during the rainy season. Branches may fall on the roof if they are directly overhead. Even those located further away may be blown by the wind towards the house. If these land on the roof, then they can damage the sheets or shingles. The weight may be enough to cause substantial sagging.



Those who have asphalt shingles should be mindful of bald patches. These might be due to falling granules which are there to absorb the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Their absence can be seen through discoloration that will only widen with time. If you are not sure, then have roofers check these bald patches during their regular maintenance work.


The gutter is an important part of the drainage system. It collects water from the roof and directs it downward to the pipes. Sometimes debris can build up until the weight forces the gutter to fall off. Debris can also trap water which can lead to rust. It is wise to call for gutter cleaning at least once a year for smooth flow. Otherwise, things can get worse until a gutter replacement becomes inevitable.


Rotten Soffit
The soffit and the fascia board can also suffer from water damage due to overflows and ice dams. These could gradually get dettached from the roof due to the weight of the water. Even if they do not completely fall off, the opening they create may provide an opportunity for pests to come inside. Birds, squirrels, and other animals might make this their home unless the elements are reattached.


Shifting and Shrinkage
The roof temperature will vary throughout the day. Sometimes the swings will be greater than usual. The roofing elements can shrink or expand due to the environmental conditions. This might cause shingles to shift from their original position and leaves parts of the roof exposed to moisture. Some roofs are covered with a synthetic rubber membrane for water proofing. This can also shrink over time.


Pest Infestation

Animals can climb up the walls and find ways to get into the roof. They might also go up nearby trees and land on top of the house. They can try to force their way in through any weakness that they might find. If you hear noise coming from above, then you might want to check whether animals have made your home their own.


Pooled Water
This is a common issue for roofs that have a low pitch since water does not slide down quickly. If there are any dents or indentations no matter how slight, then water can stay there for a long time and wreak havoc underneath. Flat roofs are particularly vulnerable to pooled water. Waterproofing solutions are often applied on the surface to prevent damage. Roof builders also created tapered areas to make water flow where they need it to go.


Roof Leaks

Even small leaks should be a cause for alarm. This means that water was able to penetrate the top layer through holes and gaps. More than one leaks may appear simultaneously. These will never go away unless homeowners get South Jordan Roofers to fix them. A lot of leaks tend to occur around gutters, skylights, chimneys, vents, pipes, and flashing points.

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If you notice any of these roof problems, then call a trusted local roofing company right away. Have them climb up and assess the situation so that you'll know exactly what's going on. Early intervention leads to faster and cheaper solutions.

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