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The Gondwana Geological Society (GGS) was established in 1981 and named after the Gond Kingdom, which once formed a sizeable part of Central India. The GGS is one of the pioneering and proactive earth science societies ((Regn. No. MAH/184/82(N), Bombay Public Trust Act No. F/3230(N, 1982) in our Country, promoting the cause of advanced geoscientific study and research of the rocks ranging in age from the Archaean to the Recent. The GGS publishes a journal "Journal of Geosciences Research" (ISSN:2455-1953; Formerly "Gondwana Geological Magazine") with two issues annually. The Journal "Journal of Geosciences Research" is circulated to life members/some Indian geological institutions/universities, etc. It is noteworthy to mention here that Journal "Journal of Geosciences Research" is circulated to a few international libraries on an exchange basis. The GGS has 675 life members till this date.

The GGS was headed by its founder President Late Prof. Y.G. Dekate from 1981 to 1986. Subsequently Shri. S. A. Marawar (1986 to 1990); Late Dr. S. T. Rajurkar (1990 to 1994); Dr. S. S. Deshmukh (1994 to 1998); Late Prof. A. N. Deshmukh (1998 to 2000); Dr. S. S. Deshmukh (2000 to 2002); Dr. U. L. Pitale (2002 to 2004); Prof. P. M. Tapaswi (2004 to 2008) and Shri. K. K. K. Nair (2008 to 2012) headed the GGS. Since 2012 Prof. Pradeep Padamsingh Kundal is leading GGS as President.

The GGS has so far organized 13 National Seminars and Workshops. The prominent feature of the so far organized 13 National Seminars/Workshops by GGS was the release of Special Volume containing peer reviewed full papers at the Inaugural Function itself. The earth science fraternity world over widely acclaim for this gesture of GGS. The GGS regularly organizes Special lectures on topic of geological importance. Since "32 Annual General Meeting" held on October 15, 2013 the GGS, the GGS has started organization of "Foundation Lecture of Society" and so far four geoscientist have delivered this lecture during AGM.

With an eventful history of more than a quarter of the century, the GGS firmly sails ahead with confidence. The future plan of GGS includes publications of small books/ booklets giving updated information on certain geological topics; Thematic National/Regional Seminars/Workshops to attract and encourage young research talent and women scientists; to make efforts to earn impact factor to Journal "Journal of Geosciences Research"; etc. The GGS is accessible on its Website:


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Workshop on "Ground water & Surface water Resources of Maharashtra and Telangana"
Friday, 7 December 2018 at Nagpur, India